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Our Story

Our Roastery

We're a new coffee roastery based in Campbell County, WY. We are currently setting up pickup locations - stay tuned to find out where you can get our coffee! You can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page for updates.

Est 2022

Roasted coffee beans WYO

Who we are

Blacktail Coffee Farmers Market

Blacktail Coffee is owned and operated by USMC veteran Nate Beckett, with help from his wife Chloe. (And our little salespersons, kids Gunner, Josie, and Desiree!)

Our Coffee

Attention to detail matters

Blacktail Coffee Mug WYO

We roast in small batches on our state of the art Mill City Roaster, which gives us complete control over every phase of the roasting process. We use a digital roast profile for every 2 lb batch, which results in your coffee tasting the same every single time. We also hand-sort the beans, so you won't find cracked shards in there. The result is delicious coffee you can count on!

We also only use organic coffee beans. We firmly believe that organic is not a political statement! If I can do two deployments as a Marine and eat and drink organic, you can keep your identity and drink to your functional body and life as well. Remember, pesticides are designed to kill living organisms. Don't put that garbage inside you. We started this business to bring organic without the wimp so that it can be accessible to everyone. Semper Fi!

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